How Do I Get My Money from Crypto?

Right now there are many platforms providing Internet users with the possibility to deposit cryptocurrencies and earn weekly interest. is definitely among the most popular websites that offer such services.

However, many people face problems related to the withdrawal process. Besides, many of them don’t know what to do with the money earned at this platform. It may be a great idea to enter a platform that offers MCO to COS exchange services. There you can swap the received digital coins for more valuable ones. This guide will help you deal with this task by providing detailed and clear instructions.

Transferring Money to Your e-Wallet

First of all, you need to withdraw the earned cryptocurrency. Take into account that you must be at least at the Starter level in case you want to conduct this action on Crypto. When you enter your profile and visit the “Withdraw” section, you’ll be provided with the following options:

  • Transfer the earned money to an outside e-wallet;
  • Withdraw the funds to your Crypto application.

In this guide, you’ll get acquainted only with the first method. That’s why you’ll need to enter the withdrawal address. The service sets the following requirements necessary to complete this action:

  • Make sure that you’ve selected the right currency for withdrawing. For example, in case you’ve entered the LTH wallet address, you won’t see it while withdrawing MCO;
  • Don’t forget to add the label for the provided address;
  • Enter your Google verification code;
  • Save the new address in order to use it later, skipping the steps described above.

As soon as you’ve finished adding the new address, check out the number of coins you want to withdraw. The service will show you the money you’ll get after the charging of the withdrawal fee. Push the “Withdraw” button and wait up to two hours before the process is finished.

Exchanging the Received Cryptocurrency

When you get your digital coins, it’ll be a great idea to exchange them for more valuable and reliable ones. It’ll help you to avoid the risk as well as to increase your income.

However, first of all, you need to discover a trustworthy exchanging service. Of course, you’ll see many different options on the Internet. But in case you want to ensure your total anonymity and, at the same time, protect your money, it’ll be a great decision to opt for This is one of the best exchange platforms available nowadays due to the following benefits:

  • Easy and fast exchanging process. It’ll take up to several minutes before you get the desired digital coins;
  • The highest security level. The website uses the newest protection protocols and SSL encryption methods. What is more, it won’t ask you to provide any personal information;
  • Possibility to save your time. The platform doesn’t even require the registration of its users. That’s why you’ll save plenty of time avoiding the long and boring creation of a new account.
  • Impressive reliability. Last but not least, you can discover dozens of positive reviews written by the satisfied clients of Just enter the website or Trustpilot in order to get acquainted with them.


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